"FAIRLY TRUTHFUL TALES" - Bernard Wrigley (2002)

The follow up to the CD "Magnificent Monologues", this album is full of new monologues. Written by Gary Hogg, a talented writer and cartoonist from Newcastle-on-Tyne, they feature assorted characters from a village up North called Amblethwaite. Bernard has set them to music, with brass band and piano in mind. So, with help from the Amblethwaite Colliery Band and piano player Burt Terrace, we present for your delectation a collection of thirteen fairly truthful tales.

1. The Fire In Nan's Front Room (5:02)
2. Edie's Last Ride (4:11)
3. The Great Amblethwaite Cap Mystery (5:32)
4. The Flight Of Oscar's Undies (5:05)
5. The Bartholemew Family Photograph (4:24)
6. Norman's Bull (1:36)
7. The Day Tim Sykes Packed In Talking (4:44)
8. Owt For A Duck? (4:26)
9. The Mystery Of The Boating Lake Mermaid (5:09)
10. The Secret Life Of Walter's Mittens (4:10)
11. He Was Always Dead Clever, My Dad (2:47)
12. Higgins The Vet (1:05)
13. Dead Men Don't Wear 'erringbone (3:52)

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