I'd been in two episodes before as different characters, but in 1997/8 I did almost forty episodes chronicling the story of Lisa's husband Barry Clegg and some of his weird and wonderful inventions.

Here are some of the scenes, not all, but enough to show the saga of the rocket & Barry's further inventions.


In chapter 1: Marlon and Butch meet Barry for the first time, and a game of Connect 4 is played for a most unusual prize:

In chapter 2: Butch drinks something he shouldn't and Barry reveals his secret (or so they believe):

In chapter 3: The real secret is revealed and Barry has trouble trying to recruit a suitable astronaut.

In chapter 4: Butch goes weightless, Marlon is negligent, and Zak has to apologise again to Lisa.

In chapter 5 there's a proliferation of pig poo and Barry gets clever.

In chapter 6 Marlon is literally in the shit. Barry ambushes Marlon & Butch

In chapter 7 a climax is reached, but the timing's wrong

In chapter 8 it's the aftermath of the farm blowing up. Barry gets up Zak's nose again.

In chapter 9 the landlord of Barry & Lisa's farm gets nasty, and plans are made.