"BUGGERLUGS" - Bernard Wrigley (1993)

Buggerlugs Loves Sugar Butty / Black Pud Stud / Blue Moon / When Granny Sang Me Songs / Constable Oh Constable / The Trials Of Slody / The One Place For Me / Our Bill And The Concrete Mixer / Young Molly Kershaw / To See the Pit Brow Lasses / The Basque Whalers / Let's All Shout For Hughie! / The Little Fellow / Heavy Breather

BONUS TRACKS: Fisherman's Friend (from Wanted - Live) / Swing Ding (from The Instrumental Album) / The Martians Have Landed In Wigan (from Ten Ton Special) / Walking Twelve (from The Instrumental Album) / Saturday Cowboys (from Ten Ton Special)

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