"AMBLETHWAITE 'APPENINGS" - Bernard Wrigley (2004)

(Loofy 018 CD) (£10 inc. p+p) The fifth monologue CD, and the true follow up to "Fairly Truthful Tales." This has 14 further tales from the pen of Gary Hogg about the nutters who live in that north country village called Amblethwaite. Musical accompaniment includes piano, band, and string quartet, and the booklet opens out to reveal the front page of the Amblethwaite Post with articles about the stories behind the tracks. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets.

When Cyril Waggott Dropped Dead For The First Time
The Warburtons' Disappearing Waistcoat
Don't Go Changing
Father Tralee And The Infernal Flame
Jacky The Night Watchman's Dog
The Pontificatin' Chauffeur
A Lesson For Mister Carson The Parson
Walter West And His Denture Adventure
An Elephant's Foot For The Hall
The Lion, The Witch, And The Warburtons
Jim And Maud's Separate Lives
Jacky The Night Watchman's Dog
Uriah Uses His Loaf
The Night Dan Joblin Proposed

Words by Gary Hogg, music written by Bernard WrigleyMCPS/PRS copyright 2004

Click the clickable tracks to hear MP3s (Click the MP3 section to hear all 85 x MP3s!). If you have any queries please feel free to e-mail Bernard.