THE PHENOMENAL B. WRIGLEY (1971) / ROUGH AND WRIGLEY (1974) CD (two LPs on one CD) (£10 inc. p+p)
My first album, on Topic, was recorded in two sessions, the first being at Cecil Sharp House and originally intended to be part of a "New Voices" album. The second session of songs and tunes was recorded on an 8 track at Livingstone Studios in London, and engineered by Nic Kinsey. The tunes I found in an old family manuscript, dated 1789, and called "John Wynder's Book." Produced by Bert Lloyd.

The second album also features tunes and songs (both traditional and self-composed). Fifteen tracks were recorded on an 8 track and mixed in one day at Great Northern Studios in Hyde. Then Tony Engle rang to say could I do four more! It transpired that the Scully mixing desk was the actual one used in the sixties for the Rolling Stones' first album.
In the late eighties I bought the original masters and issued both these Topic albums on one cassette on my own LOOFY label - LOO 003 & 4. When that cassette was retired, the tracks were lovingly remastered for CD release, and this comes complete with a thick booklet reprinting all the original LP liner notes for the first time. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

SONGS, STORIES, & ELEPHANTS (1976) CD (£10 inc. p+p)
I wanted to issue a live album next and did a recording with Topic. They decided they didn't want to issue a live one, but gave me the tapes. Turned out there was mains hum on them, so I approached Nat Joseph at Transatlantic. He was keen to do a live album, and this was recorded at Leicester University and Preston Grasshoppers club - produced by John Whitehead. It was intended for release on the lower priced XTRA label, but they were apparently so pleased with the outcome that it made the full price Transatlantic label. I was especially pleased with the caricature on the cover - me playing concertina whilst riding an elephant. I bought the original masters eventually and issued it on Loofy 005 as a cassette. Now remastered for CD. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

TEN TON SPECIAL (1976) CD £10 (inc. p+p)
One side live and the other studio. The live side was recorded at the Highwayman Inn in Threapwood, Staffs. The studio side was recorded mainly at Pebble Beach studio in Worthing and produced by Dixie Dean (formerly of McGuinness/Flint) In fact, Hughie Flint played drums on this side. "Teabag In My Coffee" was released as a single in '76. When I bought the masters in the late eighties, I decided that two songs didn't fit, so I replaced them with : THE MARTIANS HAVE LANDED IN WIGAN, recorded for Pete Townshend's ill-fated PROPELLOR label in 1980, also produced by Dixie Dean, and including Patrick Moore: secondly, SATURDAY COWBOYS (studio version) which was produced by Kevin Parrott of "Brian and Michael" fame and originally issued as a single in 1980 on DJM. The album's now on Loofy 006, remastered for CD with extra tracks. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

THE BOLTON BULLFROG (1981) CD £10 (inc. p+p)
This was the first album that I issued myself. It was recorded live at the Teanlowe centre in Poulton-le-Fylde, and engineered by Stan Whalley. The experience I got whilst editing the Transatlantic albums stood me in good stead. It was a few years before CDs would become widely available, and pre-recorded cassettes still hadn't got a good reputation, so it was vinyl only. The first thousand were on black vinyl, then a hundred were pressed on orange. Thankfully, cassette technology improved greatly during the eighties, but now it's on CD.
Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

RUDE BITS! (1985) CD £10 (inc. p+p)
My second self produced album. At the time, Phil Cool was running a comedy club called Laughing Gas in Chorley. It had a similar format to a folk club inasmuch as there were residents, people who did floor spots, a guest performer and an interval in the middle. The only difference was that people told gags instead of singing songs. I did a booking there earlier in the year then went back in September to record the evening. Included in the silliness is Howard Lees, playing guitar with me in his inimitable way. It was after this that I obtained my own Fylde guitar. Issued originally on cassette, now on CD. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

THE INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM (1988) CD (with bonus tracks!) (£10 inc. p+p)
No doubt helped by my Fylde guitar, I put sixteen of my own instrumental compositions together. Some are on solo guitar, some on two or three. They range from slow airs, through ragtime style numbers to blues tinged and jazz-influenced numbers. "Pickersgill People" is a tune I wrote for a BBC2 series, and for this album I added a middle eight and recorded it on four concertinas to sound like a small concertina band. A school teacher once admitted he uses it as a piece for the children to play in his music class. Originally a cassette, I remastered it for CD in 2002, with 3 newly recorded bonus tracks, making
a total of 19. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

WANTED: LIVE! (1991) CD £10 (inc. p+p)
I'd started recording what would be the BUGGERLUGS album and realized that it was going to take so long to get proficient with the computer programming and simply arranging all the songs that I ought to do a live one in the meantime. A few months previously I'd done a very enjoyable evening at one of Phil Knight's concerts at Clitheroe Cricket Club. This recording was done on a special night there, and engineered on the Brickmobile. The photo of me on the cover is from a production (Lass From The Man & Scythe) at the Octagon theatre. I played a character called Dust, but when I saw the picture I thought it belonged on a Wanted poster. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

BUGGERLUGS (1992) CD £10 (inc. p+p)
This labour of love took over two years. It contains new songs and some classics that had never appeared on my solo albums. Songs like "Young Molly Kershaw" had previously been recorded by Fivepenny Piece, amongst others. My very first solo composition - "Our Bill and the Concrete Mixer" had only been available on "Owdham Edge" before, with a guitar accompaniment. "Buggerlugs Loves Sugar Butty" and "Heavy Breather " had only been available on "Lanky Spoken Here" (EMI - now reissued on CD).
In 1993 I issued it on CD with bonus tracks taken from some earlier albums, including "The Martians Have Landed In Wigan" "Saturday Cowboys" "Fisherman's Friend" and two from the Instrumental Album. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

ALBERT, ARTHUR, & the CAR PARK (1997) CD £10 (inc. p+p)
This album is different again inasmuch as live tracks and studio tracks are intermingled. The live section was recorded at Stocksbridge Garden Pavilion when I was right in the middle of being Barry Clegg in Emmerdale. Studio tracks were done at Brick Studios again on an 8 track. Another varied offering including daft songs, serious songs, and no less than two monologues. The title is derived from three of the tracks - "Albert, the Lion, and the Drink", "King Arthur and the Chastity Belt" and "Is There a Car Park?" Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

MAGNIFICENT MONOLOGUES (2000) CD (£10 inc. p+p)
As the title suggests, this is a recording of seventeen of the most well known monologues ever written. There are five of the Ramsbottom stories, including "The Lion and Albert" and "The Return Of Albert," followed by five of the Stories of Sam Small. These include the one that started it all - "Sam, Sam, Pick Up Thy Musket." Next come the historical sagas including "Battle Of Hastings" and "Magna Charter," followed by Robb Wilton's famous novelty "Back Answers" and a little-heard Al Read monologue about the problems of moving a wardrobe. All the monologues are with piano accompaniment, and a lot of them are the authentic music parts that were written for and issued on the original sheet music.
The enclosed twelve page booklet contains notes about each track, a history of the humorous
monologue, and an appreciation by BBC comedy producer Mike Craig. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

FAIRLY TRUTHFUL TALES (2002) CD (£10 inc. p+p)
I'd finished "Magnificent Monologues" and was thinking about doing something similar but different, when this bloke from up near Norway (Newcastle, actually) sent me a copy of "Dead Men Don't Wear 'erringbone." I thought it was excellent, and began to record it with a band accompaniment in mind. Before I'd finished it Gary Hogg had sent another six, and I realized we would soon have enough material for an album. It was then only a matter of ironing out certain dialect differences and rhyming patterns, and we'd assembled thirteen of them at the next count. There's an accompanying book of the same name with 40 monologues and lots of Gary's cartoons, now available only from Gary at
With help from the Amblethwaite Colliery Band and piano player Burt Terrace we hereby present for your delectation a collection of thirteen fairly truthful tales. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

Hot on the heels of "Fairly Truthful Tales" and "Magnificent Monologues Vol.1" comes this collection featuring monologues not only from favourites Marriott Edgar, Stanley Holloway and Al Read, but no less than seven from the pen of Mike Harding. There are also three Ramsbottom family writties from John Bilsborough. The CD also sees the return of Burt Terrace on the piano and the Amblethwaite Colliery Band. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

MONOLOGOLOGY (2003) CD (£10 inc. p+p)
Here's the fourth monologue CD - after Magnificent Monologues, Fairly Truthful Tales and Magnificent Monologues Vol 2. This collection is entirely written and performed by Bernard. An hour of old favourites (including Robin Hood and the Bogey Rolling Contest, and The Police Constable and the Rare Butterfly) and brand new tales (such as Queen Boadicea, and A Life Of Bike) - all recorded for the first time with musical accompaniment.
Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

"AMBLETHWAITE 'APPENINGS" (2004) CD (Loofy 018 CD) (£10 inc. p+p)
The fifth monologue CD, and the true follow up to "Fairly Truthful Tales." This has 14 further tales from the pen of Gary Hogg about the nutters who live in that north country village called Amblethwaite. Musical accompaniment includes piano, band, and string quartet, and the booklet opens out to reveal the front page of the Amblethwaite Post with articles about the stories behind the tracks. Gary's accompanying book (More Fairly Truthful Tales) has 40 monologues with cartoons. Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

[Book] MORE FAIRLY TRUTHFUL TALES (2004) the sequel to "Fairly Truthful Tales", £8 inc. p+p

Another 40 of Gary's monologues! 14 of them appear, with musical accompaniment, on my CD "Amblethwaite 'Appenings". They're all illustrated with his superb cartoons. Whereas his book "Fairly Truthful Tales" is only available from him at this book is still available from me as well. Click here or on the book cover to see the full contents

GOD'S OWN COUNTY (2005) CD (Loofy 019 CD) £10 (inc. p+p)
Released in October 2005, with nineteen songs from or about the county of Lancashire. Includes a definitive version of "Rawtenstall Annual Fair" with the crowd, the fairground, and a band; a tribute to "The Tripe Ships Of Wigan"; a tongue in cheek celebration of the joys of living "Up North", plus sixteen others using a wide variety of instruments - running time almost an hour.

In the 8 page booklet there's a brief history of the county and an explanation of the current border confusion. CD text is supported as well - see all the titles as they play (providing your CD player supports it). Click here or on the album cover to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

[Book] SHORTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS (2006) One verse poems, £8 inc. p+p

Released in April 2006, this book has 96 pages containing over 180 one verse poems, 45 of them having specially drawn cartoons by Gary Hogg. Whether you're reading in bed, in the smallest room in the house, or on the train, you'll find something daft that's relevant to someone you know. Buy a few and solve your Christmas presents in one fell swoop! Click here to see sample pages

[Book] THE LONGS & THE SHORTS OF IT (2008) 1 verse poems, £8 inc. p+p

Released in May 2008, and encouraged by the reaction to the SHORTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS epic, here's another 96 page book of one verse poems. The difference is that this time some are 8, 12 and even 16 line verses. The similarity is that they're just as daft, and contain lots more beautifully crafted cartoons by the maestro - Gary Hogg. Click here to see sample pages

EVERY SONG TELLS A STORY (2009) CD (Loofy 020 CD) £10 inc p&p
Released in May, this features 17 tracks and runs for 53 minutes. It's a mixture of serious and silly songs, but they all have one thing in common - they all tell a story. There's Michael Smith's haunting tale of the elderly Dutch couple (The Dutchman), the third song in my Knocking Nelly trilogy (Knocking Nelly & The Mothman), the much-requested co-written "Some Bugger From Yorkshire", and Dominic Behan's lovely "Liverpool Lou". The fourteen other gems include two of Cyril Tawney's ("Sammy's Bar" and "On A Monday Morning") and ALL of them can be sampled by clicking here:

MARK & LARD'S ANCIENT CUSTOMS (2010) 2xCD (Loofy 021 CD) £10 inc p&p

Released by popular request, these 2 CDs feature all 29 of the very silly readings I did every day on the Mark & Lard show on BBC R1 in 2004.
Spot the hidden performers' names, and thrill to such titles as "Podging The Elton", "Humping The Hucknall" and "Boning The Beyonce" in the colourful world of Patrick Gallagher's Ancient Customs.
The complete tracklisting and some MP3s can be sampled by clicking here:
Click here to see the tracklisting and listen to MP3 snippets

SONGS OF THE SEVEN SEAS (2011) CD (Loofy 022 CD) £10 inc p&p
Featuring 22 tracks of classic and new songs, with a 12 page booklet. Includes Talchuano Girls, Donkey Riding, Whaleman's Lament, Outward Bound ... all played on a cornucopia of concertinas, mandolins, guitar, cittern, and bozouki